Original spare parts

You can order original spare parts from us for machine maintenance and trouble-free operation parts and thus maintain the performance of your engine, as the quality of the original parts is guaranteed long life. The most essential parts such as seals, belts, spark plugs, water pumps, fuel pumps, bearings, piston rings, switches and sensors and various filters are kept in stock in our warehouse. With proper planning, we can deliver spare parts within 24 hours.

We also keep spare parts in stock for older types of engines that are no longer in production:

II - 2 cylinder engines:

Z400, Z500, Z600, Z640

III - 3 cylinder engines:

D750, D850, D950, D1302

IV - 4 cylinder engines:

V1200, V1502, V1702, V1902

V - 5 cylinder engines:

F2503-T, F2803

VI -6 cylinder engine:


Kubota originalni rezervni deli

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Genuine quality of spare parts

To ensure the highest level of quality, original Kubota spare parts are designed and manufactured in accordance with strict factory standards. If you repair your engine yourself or have it serviced by Kubota experts, we offer you original spare parts for safety, reliability, efficiency and warranty. To keep your engines running at maximum capacity from year to year, treat them to original spare parts, filters and engine oil.

Kubota oil filter

Oil filters

Engine oil filters remove various impurities such as metal particles in engine oil and carbon waste resulting from engine oil degradation. Lack or contamination of oil can lead to deterioration of power, fuel consumption and increased friction and wear of parts. This not only affects engine performance, but it can also cause failure.

Kubota fuel filter

Fuel filters

The fuel also contains water and dust, the function of the fuel filter is to remove impurities and brings clean fuel to sensitive engine parts such as high pressure fuel pump, common rail and injectors. When the oil filter becomes clogged, it lets dirt, dust and dirt inside, which means higher engine wear and consequently less power and shorter service life.

Kubota air cleaner

Air cleaners

The air filter element is an integral part of the engine, as it removes dust particles and cleans the suction air and thus protects the vital components of the engine. They prevent the entry of impurities with the help of filtration in the engine itself. When the air filter cartridge is clogged or damaged, the engine does not get enough clean air into the combustion system, which can manifest itself as damage to turbochargers, valves, and piston rings.

Engine oil and lubricants

In addition to spare parts, it is also possible to order original motor oil from us, which is designed to protect the interior of your engine for a long time. Kubota's engineers recommend high-quality mineral motor oil which offers minimal maintenance costs and maximum engine life. Kubota Power 15W-40 and 10W-40 engine oils have excellent viscous stability in operation and thus ensure optimal engine lubrication in all conditions.

Choosing the right oil is crucial for lubrication and cooling at all engine loads, so Kubota recommends choosing the original oil, which in addition to the listed functions also performs the function of cleaning soot and absorbing particles inside.

Kubota Power 15W-40 is suitable for all turbines and non-forced engines which are not equipped with a particulate filter (DPF).

  • API: CG-4, CH-4, CI-4
  • ACEA: E3, E5, E7

Kubota Power Plus 10W-40 engine oil is suitable for particulate filter (DPF) engines.

  • API: CJ-4
  • ACEA: E7, E9
Kubota engine oil

Engine serial number

In order to quickly prepare the offer of spare parts, be sure to specify upon request serial number and engine code number. It is located in the following places (depending on engine series):

SSI series - Small Spark Ignition
LSI series - Large Spark Ignition

Super Mini

Z482 | Z602 | D722 | D902

Kubota Super Mini serial number

Side of fuel injection pump.

Super 05

D1005 | D1105 | D1305 | V1505

Kubota Super 05 serial number

Under exhaust manifold.

03 series

D1803 | V2003 | V2203 | V2403

Kubota 03 serial number

On edge of fuel injection pump.

07 series

V2607 | V3307

Kubota 07 serial number

Under intake manifold.

V3 / 00 series

V3300 | V3600 | V3800

Kubota Super V3 / 00 serial number

Under intake manifold.

OC series

OC60 | OC95

Kubota OC serial number

On engine housing, fan side.

EA / EL serija


Kubota EA / EL serial number

On engine housing, gear side.

WG serija

WG752 | Wg972

Kubota WG SSI serial number

Under exhaust manifold.

WG serija


Kubota WG LSI serial number

Under exhaust manifold.

WG serija

WG1903 | WG2503

Kubota WG LSI serial number

On edge of fuel injection pump.

WG serija


Kubota WG LSI serial number

Under intake manifold.