130th anniversary

Since its founding in 1890, Kubota has progressed step by step and contributed to global solutions.
Experience and knowledge will continue to meet the challenges and help improve the future of the planet and make life better for all who live on it.
In 2020, Kubota celebrated its 130th anniversary and is sincerely grateful to all their customers and stakeholders who support development and progress. Our company was founded in 1890 when Gonshiro Kubota founded its foundry. "Our products should not only be technically excellent, but also useful for the good of society."
This was the belief of our founder and the one we inherited. It has encouraged us to create a variety of products and services that contribute to society and the lives of its members by addressing societal challenges related to food, water and the environment.
Based on the “For the Earth, for Life” brand statement, we support and will continue to support the future of the Earth and humanity. He emphasizes that he supports the successful life of people and at the same time protects the environment of this beautiful land.

Corporation Kubota
Yuichi Kitao
President Kubote Yuichi Kitao

History of Kubota

It is a Japanese company with more than 80 years of tradition. Many years of experience and commitment to quality place it at the very top of industrial manufacturers diesel and petrol / gas engines, and also manufactures construction and agricultural machinery and their equipment. Today's development is in all areas increasingly driven by a range of environmental constraints, and Kubota is one of the first manufacturers of internal combustion engines to use its technological solutions is one step ahead of new global regulations. All engines comply with ecological standards on noise and emissions, which applies to the entire EU and the world market, according to Directives 97/68 EC and 2004/26 / EC for phase 3A (in the USA phase 4 / Tier 4). With an extensive professional network of service and trade representatives is very engaged in monitoring all installations during the warranty period, in addition to covering the needs for the oldest still operating installed engines with available reserves. These arguments and long-standing commitment to progress today place Kubota at the top of the world with market share worldwide and visibility among users. Many years of experience and commitment to quality place them at the very top of industrial engines. "KUBOTA, THE ANSWER" is the slogan of the company, which strives to remain the most reliable and accurate manufacturer of industrial diesel engines, petrol and gas powered.

Emission regulative EU Stage V

Kubota Stage V logo

Achieving the Stage V emission standard is one of the biggest challenges for industrial engine manufacturers. Many years of hard work and engine planning in the development department is the result with which Kubota received the certificate Stage V was mentioned by Josef Shuck - Head of Engine Department at Kubota (Deutschland) GmbH. 03, 07 and V3 engine series are certified in Switzerland. Where emission limits in Switzerland are the same as EU Stage V regulations, customers can be sure that Kubota's products meet the strictest emission standards. Manufacturers in Europe, Asia, America, the Middle East and v Oceans can use engines for different types of installations.

Kubota is expanding its program of larger tractors with greater power to enter the large-scale farming market. As the power of existing engines cannot be increased, engineers in Kubota have devoted themselves to research and development of a new line of engines that will be more powerful, economical and more environmentally friendly.

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Food, water and environment

Kubota food


Kubota is one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, covering both dry and rice farming. Their approach focuses on listening to feedback directly from farmers, allowing the development of appropriate products customer needs and support agriculture worldwide.

Kubota water


Kubota entered the water industry about 130 years ago by making Japan’s first iron plumbing pipes. Today, they offer products and services at all stages of the water cycle. They use high-level technologies and products to protect the Earth's limited resources and ensure safe, clean water for everyone around the world.

Kubota environment


Kubota's technologies support a rich lifestyle by enabling the global preservation of the environment alongside economic and industrial growth. These include engines that are a source of energy for industry and housing, and lawn mowers and small construction equipment contribute to urban maintenance.

Kubota Report

Every year, a report is published which includes an overview of news around the world, various information on Kubota's social responsibility, environmental reports and the course of growth over the years. The aim of the report is to provide an understandable and easy way for everyone involved with Kubota to view the business from a global perspective.
For more information, visit their website and check out the magazine Kubota Report 2021.


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