Engines - industrial diesel

JCB's industrial diesel engines are prominent in performance and technology. Focusing on the design, development, manufacture and sales of world beating industrial diesel engine solutions for a diverse range of mid-range applications in the off-highway equipment markets.

Why buy a JCB engine?

At JCB Power Systems, we are world leaders in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of world-beating diesel engine products for the off-highway equipment markets. We provide tailor-made solutions, delivering quality, reliability, value and performance to the OEM market. We offer global industry expertise at a local level, providing assurance that wherever customers are in the world, our team is there, ready to support their needs.

JCB industrijski motorji

What is IPU?

The JCB Industrial and Agricultural Power Units give customers the opportunity to take advantage of what is already a world class engine and add a complete JCB engineered installation package. Featuring full tropical rated aluminum cooling packages, heavy duty mounting feet, heavy duty air cleaner with integrated pre-cleaner system, hydraulic pump and PTO options and high quality electrical engine harnesses all in a compact, easy to install package. The IPU’s are an example of JCB’s attention to detail; each and every bracket, fastener, clip and guard is subjected to thousands of hours endurance testing.

JCB Stage V engine

Stage V IPU engine

The JCB industrial and agricultural power units give customers the opportunity to take advantage of what is already a class leading engine and add a complete JCB factory engineered package.

  • Power:

  • Torque:

  • Displacement:
  • 55 kW - 129 kW
  • do 690 Nm
  • 3.0 - 4.8 l

In addition to the IPU units which are assembled and ready for start-up, at JCB you can also choose between generator engines and the basics of diesel engines on which you build and personalize your drive.

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