I.M.A. Motoren PP 1.8

EU Stage V
  • Model:
  • Type:
  • Cylinders:
  • Bore and stroke:
  • Displacement:
  • Aspiration:
  • Aftertreatment:
  • Emission regulation:
  • Rated output:*
  • Maximum torque:*
  • Oil quantity:
  • Combustion:
  • System
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • D1803-CR-E5B
  • Vertical, water cooled
  • 3
  • 87,0 x 102,4 mm
  • 1,826 L
  • Naturally
  • DOC + DPF
  • EU Stage V
  • 28,0 kW - 37,5 HP | 2700 rpm
  • 198,5 Nm | 1600 rpm
  • 7,0 L
  • Common rail
  • 12 V
  • 935 x 723 x 935 mm
  • 285 kg
I.M.A. PP 1.8

*: SAE J1995 gross intermittent
DOC - Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter

The listed engine specifications are subject to change without notice, engine dimensions and weight are listed according to I.M.A. standard specification. The photos shown may contain non-standard equipment.


The Kubota 03-M series with a wide selection of engines covers all the requirements that equipment developers (OEMs) need. A range of different functions such as a built-in fuel supply solenoid, low fan position and side servicing of the engine allow engineers to quickly develop the application and make it easier for users to use it on a daily basis. Kubota's original casting technology enables the production of an engine block, where the flow channels for the coolant are precisely metered, thus enabling higher power density and superior engine durability. The latest technology and engine durability are two important things that customers expect from Kubota engines.


Meeting stringent emissions can be a challenge for many engine manufacturers around the world, so in Kubota, with our experience and expertise, we strive to to fulfill all the wishes of application manufacturers. The 03 series of engines has been constantly evolving to meet EPA level requirements, to the point that engineers v Kubota designed the engine with minimal dimensional intervention (due to the additionally installed exhaust gas treatment unit) and easy installation in the application. The common rail system enables the optimization of fuel combustion inside the chamber and thus creates a more durable and quieter engine with higher fuel efficiency. With precise control of the exhaust gas flow through the catalytic converter (DOC) and the particulate filter (DPF), the Kubota offers a clean and high-performance engine. The D1803-CR-E5B has been designed to comply with European regulations on exhaust particulate levels: Kubota Stage V logo


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