About us

Since 2000, we have been operating as a technical goods store on area of Slovenia and the Western Balkans. With consulting, technical support and sales, we want to enable developers to quickly integrate the powertrain into applications and with original equipment developers (OEM) make quality products.


In the domestic, European and third markets, we want to create a comfortable environment from a business point of view, revitalize the development and production sector, which would operate with the goal of a brighter future and the mission of protecting the environment in which we live.


Years of existence

(From 2000 on)


engines sold

Years of experiance

with industrial engines

Diagnostics performed

on CR engines


VAT ID number:

Registration number

Activity code:
trgovina na debelo

Bank account:
Intesa Sanpaolo
SI56 101000036877940

Registry number:
from 22.03.2000

Basic capital: 13.145,00 €

We are available for you

From Monday to Friday between 8 in 16, or by prior arrangement..
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

+386 1 517 46 98 | info@ellag.si